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"Hozuhni's words are as inspiring as her dance, and that's really saying something!"

- Karen Andes, "Belly Dancing Essentials" 


"Hozuhni is a glorious, radiant being that I am blessed to have in my life! I told her, If you ever do your own tarot, make sure the Star card looks like you, because that is exactly who you are!!!”

-Christine Praria


“Hozuhni is one of those rare, spiritually-inspired performing artists whose passion and power reaches anyone who has the privilege of seeing her dance.” 

- Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D., "Enlightenment in Our Time"



“Hozuhni, as a teacher, is a great inspiration that shines through and empowers her students to shine. Hozuhni is truly a beautiful spirit and shares it well with everyone she comes in contact with. She is just outright contagious!!!  You can not be unhappy in her presence.”

- Sherry McDonald - Blue Lotus Center, Orlando/ FL


“Hozuhni practices "Enlightenment Through Dance" and adheres to a sacred approach. In addition, she is an excellent dancer and teacher.. effervescent, bubbly and joyful. When she says do a chest lift and say "sunshine" you feel it and shine. Joseph Campbell urged us to "Follow Your Bliss;" Hozuhni says "Dance and Become Your Bliss"

-         Ingrid/Isis,  Astarte Dance Troupe of Tucson  


I learned so much from Hozuhni, not only dancing, but spiritually. She is such a unique person, so full of life, love and joy. I wish there were more women out there like her.  I felt like I was on a retreat this past weekend. I felt so connected, and what a wonderful feeling I had after I left. I still feel so good, which is unusual for me on a Monday morning at work! I just wanted her to know how much I appreciated the workshop and the fun. I feel like I've known Hozuhni forever. Hozuhni was not only our teacher but she became our friend. I will continue on, and I cannot wait for her book to come out. I am telling all my friends about Hozuhni and my wonderful experience. I hope she can come back out to see us again.

- Love & Light,  Karen, Tucson, AZ


 Surely, the Universe slowed down for us that night, just so we could savor the drumming and dancing a little bit longer than usual. Hozuhni’s Workshop gave the participants a new perspective on our dance, and that means the world to me. Hozuhni kept them moving and feeling, and they had such great joy, it was like rejuvenation for them, so they could go back out into the mundane world, and be a little bit happier, I think. I guess I shouldn't talk for them, I am going by what they have told me, and from my own personal experience. I had some sort of epiphany on that weekend. I KNEW that the spiritual approach works best for me in this dance form. Pure technique without spirit is like a chimpanzee typing out letters on a keyboard: there is no thought or soul behind the act itself.

                         -  Lucy Lipschitz


The Enlightment dance book provides a blueprint for incorporating mind, body and spirit into dance. With the exercises, Hozuhni offers opportunities for the reader not just to read but also to internalize the dance experience. The book covers many areas of dance without burdening the reader. An overview of the chakras, ecstatic dance, how to use intention, use of props, meditation, etc will all help to provide dancers with a more meaningful experience of movement. Also, a wonderful use of metaphors and pictures that provide testimonies to the joyousness of the dance. As a dancer and a teacher this book have affirmed me as well as gifted me with ideas and challenges to make my dance more meaningful.

                                -Della Bynum Gushen, Omaha, NE 

                                  (30 years in the dance, instructor
                                   and choreographer.)




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