Belly Dance Classes in Orlando, Florida and Winter Haven, Florida

Learn to Bellydance- lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced belly dancing...

If you're looking for bellydance classes in Winter Haven or Orlando, Florida, Enlightenment Through Dance Company offers belly dance classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students in the Central Florida area.

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Belly dance (also referred to as bellydance, belly-dance, middle-eastern and oriental dance) is an ancient art form that continues to evolve and grow. In Winter Haven and Orlando, Florida, you can learn to belly dance from the established teachers of the Enlightenment Through Dance Company. We offer belly dance lessons for all levels of dancers, with classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

Well-known belly dance teacher and performer Hozuhni has been teaching bellydance classes in the Central Florida area for 10 years, and has written a book about the spiritual aspects of middle-eastern and oriental dance (Enlightenment Through Dance, Dancing Your Way to Eternal Bliss).


Enlightenment Through Dance Company offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced Belly Dance Classes