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These dance classes will unleash your imagination, bring you inspiration, renewed vitality to your body and joy to your soul! You will learn how to decrease your feelings of stress and to control your emotions by dancing your fears, worries, disappointments and anger away while dancing to embrace your joy, excitement, playfulness and love.

The music and moves are from around the world: Belly Dance, Samba, Indian, Spanish, New Age, Alternative, Pop, etc. Whatever suits our imagination!

You will learn how to play again, to dress up and interweave fantasy with reality incorporate visualizations and interpret music through dance movement. You will learn to relate movement to sound, tell stories through dance, to re-awaken the fun and joy you felt in your younger days when playing made you feel energized, healthy and alive!

You will become more fit, stronger with a renewed sense of energy and felt sense of connection to your vital life force. You learn how to breath more profoundly and will feel more energized then ever as you get in touch with your Spirit Guides, your Angels or your Inner Goddess as you dance. You will learn how to bring dance to your daily life and allow dance to become your Guru!


Private lessons are also available in person or via Internet. Private lessons are tailored to your needs. Internet lessons are very popular these days.

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"Hozuhni is a midwife for your soul in motion. All her work begins in the heart and that is where you will feel it first, too. This is not about technique or learning steps. This is about laughter, music, costumes and when appropriate, even tears. She coaxes, supports and delights your essence out of shadows and into the light. She is your Guide to celebrating the very best parts of YOU!" -  Karen Aruna Andes, Dancer, Author of "Woman's Book of Power" & Woman's Book of Balance and Creator of the Fly Gym.

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