Ours is a dance with no cultural boundaries that combines styles and embodies music calling our emotions out to play. Improvised, playful and dynamic, sensual, compassionate and unexpected, Enlightenment Through Dancers tell the story of the Gypsy Caravan traveling in the desert, leaving their mark in the world. A tribute to the Gypsy ancestors, The Roma People!



THE Enlightenment Through DanceRS: Crystal Williams, Deborah Mathis, Jeannie Rust, Jeannie Wu, Kimberly Hansom (Supryia), Lisa Megna (Aurelia), Mandy Arthur, Nichole Hein (Nadua), Robin Rogers (Kusha),
Rosane Gibson (Hozuhni), Sheri Deliman , Sandy Thompson, Tiffaney Grano (Mauai), and Yuri Rust.


With the Festival Hostess Michelle


At center Hozuhni and Michele. From left to right the Enlightenment Through Dance Teachers:
Kusha, Nadua and Aurelia


Enlightenment Through Dance Teachers:
Nadua (Nichole Hein) and Kusha (Robin Rogers)

Hozuhni and the Enlightenment Through Dance Teacher
Aurelia (Lisa Megna)


This performance was dedicated to our beloved Enlightenment Through Dancer Lynda Waters,
who has been in coma since August 09. 
Below we gave hands, meditated and prayed for Lynda.


Our Bazaar – A fund raising for Lynda Waters


Hozuhni ‘s solo dance 


We take many pictures, we laugh, and we love life! We know that life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. We live life to the fullest, we dance in the rain, we comfort our friends, We fall asleep watching the sun come up, we stay up late, we flirt, and smile until our face hurts. We are not afraid to take chances and most of all, we live in the moment because every second we spend angry or upset is a second of happiness we can never get back..

We are the Enlightened Gypsies!!




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