Kusha is one of those people that we can say is our “right arm”. I am very thankful to have her in my life and very proud of her talent as a Dancer. She has been inspiring students to move on and bloom their true self, just as she did when she started to dance. To witness her growth as a Dancer has been like watching rainbows in the sky!

Enlightenment Through Dance Founder & Director Hozuhni...


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Your class was really a lot of fun last nite!! I am so glad that I got to come by and participate.  You are a fun energetic teacher and I love when you just let go and yell, I wanted to do so much more of that, but was not feeling quite "free enough", but I am going to try to20keep coming to your classes and I will get more in the "hooting" it up mood!!!

I loved the veil work you showed us and I really feel I learned quite a bit for me ... becuz it's just so difficult for me to get all that coordination together when I have to think about it and not just be moved by the music .... but I want to learn more and get better at that part.

You looked beautiful and you were so inspiring to all of us.  I could see on the other women's faces how much you were "lightening" and enlightening them, they were truly encouraged, as I was, I could really see this and you will have to trust me on this!! Great job!!!

KUSHA,  You are a wonderful, engaging, inspiring teacher.  Your energy and enthusiasm is so freeing!! Your "spark" lights up the room and encourages your students to let go and DANCE!!  

Thank you for your spontaneous wild "yelps"!! 

I can't wait to come back and "hoot" it up with you at your next class!!  You are a joyous reminder to me to "keep dancing like no one's watching",

Enlightenment Through Dancer ILENE, Winter Haven








Today's class "hips and dips" with Kusha was a wonderfully informative and fun workout. She is a fantastic teacher - her enthusiasm is contagious! We had some new people and she made sure to include the basics and get them involved. It was a painful but blissful workout. Everyone had a great time. With teachers like Kusha (and the rest of the fabulous teachers), bellydance has become one of my passions and I am looking forward to a long and enlightened journey.

Enlightenment Through Dancer Sheri Deliman (Kailani) –
Winter Haven, Central Florida




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