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Cape Cod, Massachusetts


As an Enlightenment Through Dancer for over a year, and a history of dance in both tap and performance shows, Aurelia has brought her dedication and enthusiasm into teaching. Aurelia will soon be teaching in Orlando.

Aurelia feels that Enlightenment Through Dance is like a "family that embraces you unconditionally". Her goal as a Teacher is to share this gift and be able to express those feelings with others through dance.



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AURYSSA – (Andrea Post)

Auryssa has been studying Enlightenment Through Dance for 5 years and now teaches in Connecticut.

Auryssa and her sister Auralynne are partnering on a creative business of dance classes and costumes.

To study with Auryssa is to learn precise combinations of sensual movement that portrays the essence of Enlightenment Through Dance. More information:





KUSHA  -  Robin Rogers
Winter Haven, Florida


Kusha is the Teacher and Director of the Winter Haven Belly Dance School, in Winter Haven, Central Florida.
She has been studying Enlightenment Through Dance for 3 years and is also a dedicated School Teacher.

Kusha brings her love for teaching and inspires everyone to become their best self on the dance floor. Kusha often takes the lead on organizing performances and events for the group in Winter Haven.

Kusha has a romantic, Gypsy flavored dance style and is a caring and compassionate teacher. One of her strongest qualities is her ability to speak from the heart and express herself with poetry and charisma.

With Kusha, you will learn to dance from your soul and express your emotions.


Phone 863-207-3406

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MIRIHMA – (Janet Payne)
Winter Haven
and Lakeland –  Florida

Miryma has been studying Enlightenment Through Dance for over 6 years. She is an enthusiastic Teacher who loves people and wants to share the excitement of life with them. She has had plentiful experience teaching both adults and children in dance, art and yoga. She has also worn the hats of commercial artist, illustrator, poet and painter.

When Hozuhni first brought her dance expertise to Florida, Janet was her first student. Janet fell totally in love with Belly Dance. She recognized Hozuhni's extraordinary talent as a dancer and teacher, and her uniquely spiritual approach as the creator of "Enlightenment Through Dance".

Janet loves creating choreography that tells a story. She often fuses Belly Dance with other dance flavors such as Spanish, Gypsy, Greek and Latin American.

She will inspire you whether you want an adventure in dance, fun exercise, or self discovery. Myrima teaches at the Winter Haven Civic Center, Mondays from 6-7pm.





NADUA – (Nichole Hein)
Winter Haven, Florida

Nadua has been studying Enlightenment Through Dance for 5 years. She is now the Director of Hamazon Dance Troupe in Winter Haven.

Nadua, who is also a Court Reporter, is a very creative teacher and enjoys the fusion of Rock, Hip Hop and Pop with the ancient Belly Dance music.

Nadua is known by the students as the Teacher who breaks down the moves very easily and also inspires them to practice, practice and practice like if in the Boot Camp! To study with Nadua is to be fulfilled with surprises!


Phone: 863-521-0383

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SUPRIYA – (Kimberly Hanson)
Winter Haven and Ocala - Central Florida


KIMBERLY, also known as Supriya, has been studying Enlightenment Through Dance for over 5 years. Supriya's teachings are dedicated to healing.

As an Occupational Therapy Practitioner, her passion is to bring dance into a healing perspective for people with neurological injuries or illnesses.

Supriya assists and support the dance practices at the Winter Haven Civic Center facility and will soon start classes in the Ocala area.


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WALIDA – (Lynda Watters)
Winter Haven, Central Florida

Lynda Waters had a severe motorcycle accident and was in coma for several months.

Lynda has been back to dance as part of her therapy program.

A Celebration of Lynda Water's Courage...

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Mauai - (Tiffaney Grano)
Winter Haven, Central Florida

Tiffaney has been studying Enlightenment Through Dance for over 3 years and now teaches at the Winter Haven Civic Center.

Tiffaney has always shown a lot of maturity for her young age of 21. She is able to master dance movements with precise perfection and perform as a Hollywood Star!!

To study with Tiffaney is to polish your dance steps into precise technique.








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